MyData is a human centered approach in personal data management that combines industry need to data with digital human rights. The core idea is to let individuals be in control of their own data. This simplifies data flow and opens new opportunities for businesses to develop innovative personal data based services while preserving privacy.

In Finland top businesses and start-ups in different sectors have started to develop MyData based services and needed underlying infrastructure and interoperability principles. Research institutes, government agencies and other organizations are supporting the development.

The MyData Alliance is open community, which advance MyData pilots and share knowledge and resource. The aim is to develop national (internationally scalable) interoperability model for personal data management. The alliance is also the Finnish local hub of the MyData Global Network.

Contact and Join

Organizations are invited to join in MyData Alliance because they are either planning or running MyData pilots or committed to support the development. The Alliance work is facilitated by Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

If your organization should be included, please fill in this form or contact:
Antti Poikola, +358 44 337 5439, antti.poikola@aalto.fi

Taru Rastas, +358 40 715 5075, taru.rastas@mintc.fi